Sunday, September 5, 2010

little slice of heaven

mccall, idaho.
this place is a little slice of heaven. i went with my whole mom's side and if you've ever seen "dan in real life" this is what my family trip was like except on steroids. some of the activities included:
one or more crafts each day
family devotionals
ice cream (homemade and ice cream alley) every night
wakeboarding, skiing, surfing, knee boarding, etc. etc.
paddle boards
jet skiis
outside movies
making over 20 friendship bracelets
trading silly bands
dancing to our family songs
having family t-shirts
trading off cooking different meals
and the list could go on and on and on.....

my favorite little cousin sunny...please notice the multitude of silly bands...she had over 60
again me and sunny. she says we are twins except i have brown hair and am taller but besides that we are pretty much the same
my cousin becca doing one of the many many crafts
the four girls just about to go tubbing

haha my grandparents on the paddle this picture
making friendship bracelets galore
hank the tank.
this is called a mccall shower where you shampoo up and then just jump in the beautiful water. as you can imagine everybody LOVES this.

just making some tie-dye pillowcases and shirts
i love my cousins and grandma
sunny was really concerned we were going to go too fast for her liking
just eating some lunch on the dock
i love my cousins. i love my aunts. i love my uncles. i love my WHOLE FAMILY!!!!


  1. love the post! your fam is so freakin presh :)

  2. these pictures just bring a smile to my face :) LOVE family!